About bymotivation.com

bymotivation.com is a platform that provides practical information and guidance to help people live better, happier, and more lives. If any person achieves success in their life after reading my blog, then I will understand that the purpose of writing my blog has been fulfilled.

Man behind bymotivation.com

After completing my educational qualification, I joined the job. After two years of experience, I quit my job because I wanted to do something new in my life. Leaving a good job and doing something new was a bold step for me, but I believed in myself so I decided to start a new business but after one year I suffered a huge loss in my business.

I was very sad due to the huge loss but I did not give up and after six months I have started a new business again. I was facing many ups and downs in my business, but I did not give up and nowadays I am a successful entrepreneur.